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Adding Static FBML Application to our Fan Page

The next step we nee to do is to add the Static Facebook Markup Language Application (FBML) on our page. Static FBML has a funcitonality that could enable us to create tabs or page content that support HTML codes. That is, we are free to use HTML codes on our Fan Page to further enhance the quality of our page.

5. To add Static FBML to our page, we need to edit the page by clicking on Edit Page.

Edit created page

6. Next, scroll down below and on More Applications, click on Browse More.

Browse Facebook Applications

7. We could find the Static FBML application by using a search box. Type in Static FBML on the search box and hit Enter.

Search Static FBML Application

8. On our Search Result page, click on Static FBML. This would take us to Static FBML page.

Select Static FBML

9. Lets add the Static FBML application on our page by clicking Add to my Page.

Add Static FBML to my page

10. And on the resulting pop-up, click on Add to Page. There it is, the Static FBML application had been added to our page.

Add to page