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Free Science Website Template

Free Science Website Template -

It is a notorious fact that effective ready-made solutions for your online project are not easy to find. It takes your time and, unfortunately, it is not usually rewarding. You can also face the problem that the solution that you have found doesn’t correspond to your needs or doesn’t support the main idea of your online business. The main goal of our weekly series is to share with you the professionally done freebies which you will hopefully find useful and valuable. Today it is Free Science Website Template created by our team of creative designers. It suits perfectly for any kind of a science project website, a lab website, or even a high school project report website. We hope that this free website template will help you to solve the design problems and start the effective online project.

Facebook Feedback Promo Results

Facebook Feedback Promo Results -

This one starts with a news that’s sort of a bad news. We’ve decided to stop a Facebook feedback promo a couple of days earlier than planned, because of a substantial amount of spam messages from India and comments from Russian guys informing people on how they can steal stuff and commit crimes. It’s a shame that such a great discussion was ruined by a bunch of kids who didn’t have any better things to do.

But let’s look at the bright side – the winners will receive their prizes earlier than expected. Basically, their weekends will start with good news about the freebie they’re receiving from us. Since there was around 140 comments on that feed, we’ll just consider there was 150 of them which means we’re giving away 3 free templates, 8 50% discounts and 15 30% discounts. Today we’ll deliver all of the prizes. The free templates go to Jeremy Mayhew, Anton Permadi and Lisa Westhafer. Here’s what their feeback was:

Visually Appealing jQuery Tag Cloud Solutions

Visually Appealing jQuery Tag Cloud Solutions -

jQuery being an awesome light-weight solution for virtually any kind of website functionality, continues surprising with its unique capabilities for simplifying the life of web developers and web users. There are tons of various solutions provided by this efficient and versatile tool. Also, we are sure that thousands of times you have seen various tag clouds, though may have never thought how difficult it is to develop a light-weight, visually appealing and reliable solution for this small website feature. Tag cloud helps your visitors to easily browse through the main topics of your website, which is very useful for your website’s reputation – not to mention the SEO effect of it. Today’s 7 tag cloud solutions demonstrate us the power of jQuery mixed up with the beauty of CSS. In this collection we have presented detailed tutorials with downloadable source codes as well as simple jQuery plugins that are also quite easy to integrate.