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Creating our Welcome FBML tab

After we have added the Static FBML application, it is time to create our Welcome page. This page will be the default landing page for visitors of our Fan page. Since it has an FBML functionality, we could add HTML codes on our page.

11. First is we need to Edit our new Fan Page (step 5), and click on Edit FBML.

edit FBML

12. In the Box Title field, type Welcome. This will be the name of our new tab of our page. And on FBML field, type in our HTML code.

edit FBML fields

13. Save our Changes

Save Changes

14. A message will show to confirm that our changes to our new Welcome tabe had been saved.

confirm changes

15. Now, let's go back to our new Fan Page.

go back to page

16. Then, add our new Welcome tab by clicking on the "+" button and select Welcome.

Add new tab

17. There we have it, we have our very own Welcome tab. We may drag it to place it where we want it.

view new tab